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Lonely in Here Cover art

lonely in here

Released 26 July 2019
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01 Album cover art


Album # 1
Released 31 Nov 2018
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Woven Album Art


EP # 1
Released 10 May 2016
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Originally from Northeast PA Josh has been creating music all over the east coast for the past 9 years constantly evolving his sound and influences. You can find Josh experimenting with with lush synths, loud guitar and programming percussion in Philadelphia PA. While focusing on building production skills Josh has self produced all his albums and eps since he has been creating music. From bedroom pop to r&b there is always a search for melodies that coast over thick chords and sit in golden reverb.  

Orchestral samples and crate grooves are the driving force of his latest full length record 01, but you can still expect to hear intimate low tempo tracks with future releases. This upcoming year Josh is focusing on creating another EP and crafting his live show with expected performances in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.